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Resolution Graph Resolution graph: The function of evaporator is opposite to that of condenser. Install the interior fastening frame with an angle of 45 degrees, front high rear low respectively, firstly fasten the front part, and then push the rear section rearward. If these instructions are not followed, water leakage will frequently happen inside the car, and it would be very difficult to determine the exact position of leakage, as water inside the car has many uncertain flows, and can possibly flow directly along the water channel. Fuel injected from fuel injector keeps in atomization and comes into cone angle 15 degree to injection nozzle axis. The suspension is the model of shock absorber also called MacPherson independent suspension.

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Remove the gasket from the top timing gear cover. Special Tool Special Tool Assembly: Сборник руководств Chery B To install the relief valve and relief spring into the oil pump hole.

Try all the shifts, gear shifting should be smooth and without stop, магуал the validity of the reverse gear lockup. Place the fog lamp into the installation hole from the front, and ensure that the 3 screw holes манусл concentric with the holes on the front bumper; Tighten the 3 self-tapping screws, with a tightening torque of 1.

When driving mileage reaches 45, km or 6 months after last service, perform 15, km maintenance item. Rinsing and inspection Rinse and clean the carbon deposit on the piston, piston ring and pin.


Gearshift Positioning Holder Assembly 9. Remove the needle bearing by special tool, see the picture. Steel Lock Ring Qo.

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Page 93 the mixture concentration value in time and change mixture thicker or thinner to make it always be close to chemical reaction equivalence ratio. Power can be felt obviously, especially when the vehicle turns on spot or turns with great corner at low-speed.

Авто журналы Скачать Автомобильные журналы наиболее популярных российских и зарубежных изданий: The free length is 46mm; The rotor end clearance shall be 0.

Remove the instrument panel, separate the cable from the clamps and dismantle the necessary electrical components. Pull out the rear adjusting lever so as to disconnect the seat, and fold it forward. The DTCs are,Possible Cause [Description] The DTCs will appear when the Open circuit of sensor connector sensor has the recognizable open circuit, Short circuit of sensor short circuit and other failures.

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Turn the fastening pin of glass panel by 90 degrees in clockwise with flat screwdriver to remove the fastening pin of glass panel. Speedometer System components and functions are as follows: Disassemble the connecting bolt between propeller s haft and flange, disassemble drive shaft and fix it on somewhere. Remove the interior trim rim pull 2009л as shown in the figure.


The function of evaporator is opposite to that of condenser. Move the seat forward, remove the rear brake. Read the bearing clearance according to the ratio on the envelope of the plastic clearance gauge. Page 83 ——To take out the radiator Assembly: Main Points Main points 1.

Page — Install the brake shoe and parking brake lever, and reassemble the return spring, as shown in the figure. Discharge all the oil. Page part of the battery away from water.

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Water Temperature Meter 1. Install the cylinder head in place with the key slot of the cam shaft downward vertically.

Fix the indicated Inspect with the diagnostic tester to see malfunction. Политика компании состоит в непрерывном улучшении качества автомобиля и его потребительских свойств, а также в по- стоянном совершенствовании его конструкции, поэтому мы оставляем за собой право внесения изменений в конструкцию автомобиля в любое время, без предварительного уведомления.